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[WD14] Native SQL Server return param value from stored proc

Startbeitrag von JB am 13.11.2009 17:16

In WinDev14 I have not been able to call a stored procedure that has an output parameter.

Here's some example code:

dsData is Data Source
sSql is string = "AA_GET_SEQUENCE_NO_S 'PL_AL_ID', 1, @PS_Sequence_No"

IF HExecuteSQLQuery(dsData, MyConnection1,hQueryWithoutCorrection, sSql) THEN

PS_Sequence_No is an output parameter but it doesn't return any value. I know the stored procedure is working as I have tested it in SQL Management Studio.

The odd thing is this was working in WinDev 12 Native Access but doesn't work in 14.

PC Soft told me to use the command H.SQLServerMode = 2 but that doesn't work either.

Any suggestions?



I had this same issue with WD12 and it was basically due to lack of sync between the SP in Windev and in HF.

Note that an SP should always return a value (nothing means "").

Another bug that WD12 has (don't know about 14 or 15) is that for some unknown reason the SP set was copied under the local procedures set (this happened twice with me). If this happens to you, you need to delete the local one.

Hope it helps.

von Marco Rego - am 16.11.2009 15:21
Thanks Marco

Does this apply to SQL Server?

I think you are talking about HyperFile and not SQL Serer. Am I right?


von JB - am 16.11.2009 16:59
Yes, in my case it was HyperFile.
Sorry for the confusion.
Take care.

von Marco Rego - am 16.11.2009 18:49
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