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Magnetic mouse: automatically moving the cursor on the default button

Startbeitrag von Frans am 24.09.2014 20:22

Hello to you all,

In a window I have multiple buttons. I want the cursor to go automaticly to one of the buttons.
This is easy to do:

1.Display the description window of the window ("Description" from the popup menu).
2.Display the "Details" tab and select "Move the mouse cursor onto the default button when opening the window".
3.Validate the description window.

The button onto which the mouse cursor is moved must be a "Validation" button.
If the window contains several "Validation" buttons, the mouse cursor will move to the first created button.

So far so good.
Now I want to select programaticly the 'default button'.
I thought I could do this in the 'End of initialization' of the window:

Doesn't work.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Frans

why not instead just set yourself the mouse at the position that you want... After all, using CursorPos to set the mouse directly seems much more simple than all the things you are going through

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 24.09.2014 22:44
Hi fabrice,

Thanks for your answer.
I forgot to say that the buttons are on a toolbar. and this toolbar can be outside the window.
Perhaps this I will try to set the mouse on the first button (on the toolbar) and than mouse the mouse an extra x times to the right.

von Frans - am 25.09.2014 10:47
Hi Frans

I fail to see how WHERE the buttons are is relevant... If you set your mouse position by code, you set it anywhere you like on the screen

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.09.2014 12:33
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