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WB15: data connection doesn't work anymore

Startbeitrag von Swissstephan am 25.09.2014 11:57

Hello to all
I'm quite stuck. A Piece of soft I wrote quite a while ago doesn't work anymore and I think I didn't do anything :)
What I do: I use HF C/S
What I did: I created a new Setup procedure (with the same Parameters I guess) and installed it.
What I didn't: I don't use "HchangeRep"
and now I receive this error:
( instead of "")
An error occured in this window
Error returned by server:"localhost:4900"
Vous avez spécifié le chemin "/home/Stephan/data/" dans l’analyse ou
Via un HChangeRep. L’utilisation d’un chemin absolu est interdit. Vous
Devez spécifier un chemin relatif à la base de données "CinemaSoft".

What did I do with doing anything and where to correct it?
Thx for your help.


Hi Stephan

it seems that you may have two separate problems:

1. it looks like you have a connection declared in your analysis to files set into /home/Stephan/data/. If that is the case, your program will START by trying to connect to them THEN swith to the place you are setting by code.

2. It also looks like you are using HF C/S, in which cases absolute path like the one above are forbidden, which of course doesn't help

In both cases, stat by removing all connections from your analysis before you create your executable

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.09.2014 12:30
Hi Fabrice
Thx for your answer.
I have a Connection declared in Analysis and this Connection worked for more than 6 years.
The Problem must come from creating the executive or on the application Server side.
(I set up a nev application Server and I didn't remember all the Settings while creating the exec. )
Any idea where to look? Thx for your help. Stephan

von Swissstephan - am 02.10.2014 11:31

It looks like it's your new app. server's firewall settings and pls chk it out with IIS as well .




von kingdr - am 07.10.2014 04:58
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