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[WD] Any advise about 1 proj -----< * clients?

Startbeitrag von RAUL2 am 25.09.2014 15:39

Hi guys.

I have this POS WD app working on some clients. Now, I have a client requesting something similar, but not the same. I'll have to make changes in some windows and perhaps in the analysis, but 98% of the project will remain the same.

I've never used SCM but I see here in the forum, that many of you have had some problems using it. I guess SCM can be helpful in this situation, because I don't want to make a full copy of that project for little changes for this specific client. Later, if I have to solve a bug (for example), I'll have to do that in both projects.

Any advise on this issue?

Kind regards.



I would start to look in details at what the changes entail... The simplest solution is to keep only one program, with an option (either set at run time, or compiled with the project) to work one way or another... Open one window or another... make one extra field visible or not...

If there is no major change in the logic, that should make your life much easier

Of course, the more differences there are, the harder it is to go that way, so you'll have to decide

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.09.2014 16:20
The major problem in this cases are the changes to the analysis.
If you need one or two extra fields just add them to the analysis and use them when needed, if you need a lot more information in your files one of the options is to define another file with the same key as your primary file and create/use it as one extension when needed.
If you need to change the structure of files, like primary key and so on it's a mess.

For the code as Fabrice mentioned it depends, if it's possible to resuse a lot of the code just use it and you can run some extra code (for the new costumer) depending on some condition or parameter.

For the GUI part you can hide/unhide some controls, use internal windows, external components, different windows using the same procedure/classes or in most extreme situations and if you want to keep everything as separated as possible you can use anther project for the development and run it in the same app using LOADWDL.

It's dificult to point you in the right direction with so little info but it's a start.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 25.09.2014 16:44
Fabrice and Paulo: thanks a lot for your hints, they're very very useful.

I think that the run-time customization is the best approach. Of course I agree with you Paulo: changes in the analysis is the major problem. I guess some kind of "automation" in WDModFic can be useful with this. If I'm not wrong, I've seen some posts from Arie regarding this issue.

Best regards.

von RAUL2 - am 25.09.2014 18:08
Hi Raul2

I always have a registration system with a unique client serial no. eg. 0012, included in all my projects. I also leave a string field of about 50 characters for yes/no options.....each character is one option.

When a client wants wants customization of say 'DataInputWindow'.....
1. I create for example 'DataInputWindow_0012' where 0012 is the serial no.
2. I modify my parameter screen using the next available character in the string with something like......'Custom Data Input Window?'
3. If its no, I run the 'DataInputWindow' else I run 'DataInputWindow_serial'

You'll find that for most generic applications, request for customization normally are in just one or two areas....this method lets all your clients be happy.

I also use it for reports where you might be displaying the same data but require a different formats. The benefits of this are that it allows you to have different formats for windows and reports without having to make changes to the analysis unless absolutely necessary

Hope this helps.


von issah - am 26.09.2014 11:38
Hello Issah. Thanks for your suggestion, it's very useful too. It's the run-time customization way, but refined. I'll take it into account.

For now, I'm awaiting confirmation from the client. If the price is accepted, I think this is the way to go.

Kind regards.

von RAUL2 - am 26.09.2014 21:52
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