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How do you end input in an edit control

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 16.12.2009 20:56


I'm back, sorry. But how in the heck do you finish your input in a edit control. I have tried the enter key and the tab but neither one does the trick. Right now if I click on one of the other control is the only way I can finish my data input in the edit control. Can you not just let the user hit the enter key when they are done entering data?


I suppose all your controls are read-only (except for that editbox), so there's no other control to TAB to? Just a guess...

von Arie - am 16.12.2009 21:01
You would be right, this is the only input on the window. But there has got to a way. I think maybe put another text box on the window and make it invisible. But would I lose the cursor. Going to try that but there should be a way the end the input with the enter key. Thanks for letting me know about not having another input on the window. Thanks again.

von John Marrone - am 16.12.2009 22:03
Hi John,

You could always add the Key Up event to your edit field

Might mean some fancy coding though to trap the entry waiting for a Charact(13)???
Sorry John - I went too soon - here's the fancy code [[5]]

Try adding this to the Entry event of your field (...forget what I said above):

VK_RETURN is int = 0x0d
nKey is int = VK_RETURN // Enter key

// Checks whether enter key was pressed
IF KeyPressed(nKey) THEN

Seems to work a treat when I tested it...

Regards, Darren

von DarrenF - am 16.12.2009 23:24
Hi John,

An off-screen button would do the trick. If the button has tab and validate properties then both tab and enter will work.


von Piet van Zanten - am 17.12.2009 08:14
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