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Scroll Bar and Code replace

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 20.12.2009 13:02


I need to know how to make the rows in a table scroll at the same as the scroll bar is being dragged. Right now I grab the scroll bar button and drag it, while I am doing this the rows are not scrolling. But when I let go of the scroll bar, then the rows adjust to the right location. I want the rows to scroll at the same time the scroll bar is being scrolled.

I also have a second question about the code editor. Can you not hi lite some code and do a search and replace for just the code in the highlighted area. I have looked at the options in the drop down box but no option is for highlighted code only. And I am referring to when you choose to replace all. Thanks for any help.



I also noticed this with the Table scroll bar which seems to be a glitch in the table control wizard.
What I found was that if you use the wizard to generate a browing table (file or query based) then this is the effect you will get regardles of the settings on the Details tab.
If you create a memory table and then change it to browsing by adding the file and assigning the colum links then it works as advertised.
I know its a PITA but if you are desparate at least it is a workaround - I'm talking v14 here but I think v12 was the same.

As for your second point, you cannot search or search\replace on only the slected code.
I guess in a way this is reasonable as code you contain distinct varaiables and elements so the 'Window Code' option should be sufficient.
Meanwhile in the real world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




von DerekT - am 20.12.2009 15:25
Thank you for your time DerekT. I have over 50 tables with an average of 15 coloumns or more. I rather get in a bar fight. Besides the scroll whell works once you give the table focus. Thanks again.

von John Marrone - am 20.12.2009 19:03
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