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[WB18] Report in Webservice ?

Startbeitrag von Viggo Poulsen am 01.10.2014 07:51

Hi there.

In a WB18 project (nor a webservice, just an ordinary site) I can make a report (no preview, just make it as a pdf), add it to an email and send it. This Works fine. But I need to make and send the same report from a WM 18 android app . I would like to hear if it is possible to make a report from a webservice ?
The help says: 'The Webservice must have no GUI (no window, report, trace window or dialog box). ' but I hope a report can be created as long as it dont need to be displayed.

Best regards
Viggo Poulsen


Hi Vigo,

Never done this, but this is the theory:
You can generate the PDF on the webserver using a web service (idestination=pdf) and return it encoded in base64 in an xml tag in the eb service response. Next on the device you need to decode the base64 element again into a temp pdf file to display it using a PDF viewer...


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 01.10.2014 09:05

You already have everything in place, why not calling the same webpage from the mobile device?
Or create a simple copy of it just for this purpose and call this one with the paramters you need.(to decide what to print, like customerid or orderid?). You can use PageParameter(paramBuffer) to catch these parameters.

Then the webserver sends your mail as it does now.

von Arie - am 01.10.2014 09:15
Hi Peter and Arie

Thank you for your answers. I am still too much of a Win32 person, so I thought a running version of the webserver program was needed. But I guess you are right, that the webserver know how to make the report and send it as an attached pdf. I will try to extend my webservice (used for communication between WM and WB) to create the PDF and mail it. The receiver of the mail is not a smartphone, but a regular mail account.

Best regards
Viggo Poulsen

von Viggo Poulsen - am 01.10.2014 09:50
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