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[WD19] Problem with Reports

Startbeitrag von Dimitris.gr am 02.10.2014 10:19

I just started to upgrade my application from WD17 to WD19.

The first and weird problem ... on reports the fields overlay each other.

Let me explain what I have done.
On a new report I added two static fields.
The first one is Name and the second one is Address.
When I run the report in the preview window the Name is above Address !!!
If I scroll the window up and down the problem disappears ... but ... if I actually print the report it prints the report with the problem abode.

Does any one else have/had the same problem or is just me ?


No one ... :-(

I did some tests and I found that this happens when I define the Greek language in Project description.

I am curious ... no other Greek developer noticed that ?!?!?!

I 'll do some more tests and I 'll ask PC Soft about that.

von Dimitris.gr - am 05.10.2014 22:00

Re: [WD19] Problem with Reports w18=> w19 (bug)

Hello Dimitris,

I also had problems with reports when upgrading from W17 to W18 and also from W18 to W19. Just on a few complex reports with background.
Support told me that a few things where changed in the reports.
I asked what and where it was documentated. Got no answer on that.
Had to move some controls and resize a few blocks. After that it worked.

1) I have that in some previews the background is displayed on the left side but not in the large displayed report. After clicking on the left part the background displays also in the right part.
2) One report gives a good preview and printed it is resized and the controls are not on the right place according to the background..

Both problems are reported and reproduced by support.

von Frans - am 06.10.2014 07:43

Re: [WD19] Problem with Reports w18=> w19 (bug)

Can someone do the following test ?

a. Create a new project defining the Greek language as the only language in the project. No analysis etc.
b. Then create a report and place a static control with the caption "This field contains more characters".
c. Make the width of this static control 25mm.
d. Test the report by pressing F9.

What you see in the preview window ?
If you see the whole caption e.g "This field contains more characters" then the problem does not happens only to me and this is a bug.
If you see only "This field cont" then the problem is in my installation.

I want to see if this is not happening only to me.

Thank you in advance.

von Dimitris.gr - am 06.10.2014 08:21

I have done your test. It also happens with me. I think the problem is not related with the 'Greek' language because I also tested it with only the 'English' language in a project.

What is your OS language? Maybe it is worth to test this on an English OS (mine is Dutch).


von Joris - am 06.10.2014 08:55
Hi Joris,

My system is a Windows 7/64bit English.
I installed Windev 19 32bit the fist version 44t. (I had to uninstall version 56s to make the tests, the problem existed in that version too).

I am glad that I am not alone into this ... :-|

Thank you for your time.

von Dimitris.gr - am 06.10.2014 09:14
Hi Dimitris,
Problem - unfortunately -confirmed.
I hope they fix it YESTERDAY ...

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 07.10.2014 10:09
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