looper with a combos

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Happy new year.
I have a loop that contains two combos. Combo2 so that the load is from a query with a parameter that is determined by the Combo1. However in the event Display Row, once Combo1 is loaded, run the query by passing the parameter value Combo1 for the Combo2 loaded with their corresponding values, however, all Combo2 are filled with the value of the last Combo2 the last record of the looper.
I've also tried to put the Combo2 to charge for programming but it is the same, despite running the query and manually loading the Combo2, when complete and displays the page shown Combo2 all loaded with the contents of the latter.
How can I make each Combo2 contains it's corrects values?
I tried treating the list as loop_1.combo2 nor works and if I do it as loop1 [loop1].Combo2 gives me an error because it says it is not a list.
Any ideas? Thank you

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