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WEBDEV 19 - Ajax table and Horizontal Scrollbar

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 06.10.2014 08:54

I have a Ajax table anchored FULL WIDTH (with the help of a zone) and I was hoping that if the columns don't fit in a browser, I would get a Horizontal Scrollbar ON the table.
Just like in WinDev.

Instead of that, I get an Horizontal Scrollbar on the BROWSER and ALL columns shown !!!! The only way to get a Horizontal Scrollbar on the table is to anchor it at FIXED Width.

Anybody seen this and found a workaround?

Steven Sitas



I'm using WB19 and I do get a Horizontal Scrollbar with variable width size of coluums but
I have 20 columns that don't fit in the the whole web page and it gives me such on screen but
I haven't test it on AWP only and it's half dynamic WB page.

Just try to make more columns to see if a HB comes up and hide those when not needed then.



von kingdr - am 07.10.2014 12:25
Hi King,
thanks for answering.

Just 2 questions:
1. Is your table anchored FULL Width?
2. Are you sure you are getting the Horizontal Scrollbar IN the TABLE and NOT at the BROWSER?

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 07.10.2014 18:36

1 No, but I did adjust the width at design stage.
2 It's a AJAX table with dynamic webPage, haven't tried AWP yet, pls
let me know to share such.

ps I did all patches ie the latest version of WB19.
You might try to ajdust the width by programming to see if it fits you.
I had 20 columns so far but it did give me the HS bar.



von kingdr - am 07.10.2014 23:53
Hi King,

You will see the problem when you anchor the table FULL Width.
Since you are adjusting the width at design and keeping it fixed, you won't see the problem.

I sent a project to PCSoft explaining the issue and I am waiting for a reply

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 08.10.2014 08:00

Yes, you're right.

But I found out also the IE/firefox freezes when ttlRows(20 columns) are more than 1000s in
a dynamic ajax (memory) table. I have to switch to WD instead for just frequent query issue.



von kingdr - am 08.10.2014 13:04

Steven, Have you got a work around or solution for this problem ?


von Danny Lauwers - am 07.04.2015 11:41
Hi Danny,
Here is the reply I got from PC Soft

Hi Steven,

Thank you for this feedback. This problem has been submitted to our developers. It might require a fix or an upgrade. However it is too soon to tell. We will contact you as soon as we have new information on that matter.

For now you have to :

- add an anchored cell on your page
- putt your table on this cell
- your table control must be stackable with an overflow with lifts.

You could find in attachment a French test project.

Please use this reference when you contact me upon this matter again: #88 164/258632.

von Steven Sitas - am 08.04.2015 16:46
The French test project is larger than 250 kb, so there is NO way to post it in this forum.
If you post your email I can send it to you

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 08.04.2015 16:51
Hi Steven,

Thanks for your quick answer, I will try this tomorrow to see if the work around would temporary fix this issue.

Does anybody know if this is fixed in WB20 ?

You can send the test project to danny AT lauwers DOT com


von Danny Lauwers - am 08.04.2015 19:14

By checking the project I found that they have set these properties:

An Ajaxtable is in a cell on a zone. Zone is full sizable to browser, also the Cell and the Table.

Set the following cell properties
- GUI: Anchor the cell control to the width
- GUI: The control can be overlaid
- STYLE/OVERFLOW: Horizontal overflow = with Scrollbar, Vertical overflow = Visible

The table is also anchored in width.

The table should now resize with the size of the browser....
But it did not work for me. Later on I check again an I removed the sub Zone of my main zone that needed to size with the browser. After that this method did work and the table is limited to the Cell that was created where the table is a child of.

But when you have a vertical scrollbar, this bar is only visible when you scroll (the cell) to the far right end. And this is of course not really correct.

So it is a half solution, that would work perfect if your have limited rows in the table.

If I enable both Horizontal and vertical flow : With Scrollbar and set the table to contain unlimited rows. Then I get the 2 scrollbars of the cell itself, and then it works. Also looks visually correct, but it is unworkable slow because all the records are loaded into the table.

So I will make a test project to send to PCSoft, maybe they have another workarround or bugfix ??

If you have another idea, please let me know !


von Danny Lauwers - am 15.04.2015 12:28

Can any of you send me that project? Im using webdev 20 and I have the same problem.


von HypNo - am 25.10.2016 17:15

I use version 21 and it works just fine ? I removed the scroll bar but when I added the option again it works just as expected.



von Allard - am 25.10.2016 18:36

If I remember correctly this was a bug in 19 and 20, and was fixed in 21 !
There where some hotfixes I believe vor v20


von Danny Lauwers - am 25.10.2016 20:20
Can you remember if the latest version of webdev 20 has it solved?

von HypNo - am 25.10.2016 20:51

It was partial fixed in V20 with a hotfix, but there where still some odd anchoring problems.

In v21 I have not yet encountered any anchoring problems,

So maybe check with support to get the hotfix for v20 and see if you specific anchoring problem is solved or not.


von Danny Lauwers - am 26.10.2016 15:20
You don't need the project, just do the following:

1.- Put your Table inside a Cell and resize the cell to the desired width and height.
2.- Resize your Table to match almost the same size of the cell, leave a small space in case you need to drag the cell or something
3.- Apply the anchors: The cell should be expanded in width and adapted to browser. The table must also be anchored in Width and adapted to browser.
4.- Go to the description of the cell and in the style tab select inside the Element Combo the Overflow, the horizontal Overflow should be With Scrollbar and the Vertical one should be Invisible so you won't have both the table scroll and the cell scroll.
5.- Finally so the cell style doesn't look weird at runtime change the border and background of your cell to undefine.

That should do the trick, Good Luck!

von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores - am 26.10.2016 16:36
Awesome! It worked! Thank you very much you all!

Just another thing if you please, is it possible to block(make it always visible) a specific column while I'm scrolling in horizontal the table?


von HypNo - am 26.10.2016 17:38
I've never done that, so I don't know if it's possible :(

von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores - am 26.10.2016 21:31
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