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AlbumPicker for multiple images in WM19

Startbeitrag von John Gereth am 06.10.2014 14:51

Hi everyone,

With albumpicker you can select 1 image from your device. But howto select more images at ones (on Android or iOS).

Kind regards, John


Hello John

with fListxxxx you can get the directories and files and display them (either their name or the images) in a looper... Selecting them is very easy once that is done

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 06.10.2014 17:37
Thanks Fabrice, now i stumble into how to find the DCIM map. On my device it can be “/storage/emulated/0″ but also on other Android devices it can be "/sdisk/storage/"e.g.
Do you know howto do this (maybe in java)?

Kind regards, John

von John Gereth - am 27.10.2014 08:44
try SysDirStorageCard())

I also find this piece of Java code, which should give you the same. I'm not in the position to test it myself right know. If you like I can make a small function for this later.

File rootsd = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory();
File dcim = new File(rootsd.getAbsolutePath() + "/DCIM/100ANDRO");

Afaik is the DCIM map always located in the root of the sdcard, by convention.
The 100ANDRO seems to differ on devices. On my Phone I have a 100MEDIA

von Arie - am 27.10.2014 09:06
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