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AppName.wdaudit file grows rapidly in size

Startbeitrag von Tor-Bjarne am 08.10.2014 19:49

Hi All,

WinDev v19 . 56S - In one of my project after testing the app WinDev loads an "audit file" it does this on other projects to but in this particular project the darn file just grows a lot during my development phase (testing several times) not it has grown to 2.5 Gb and freezes WinDev.

I kill windev, delete the file and I`m al right again, but what can cause the AppName.wdaudit file to grow?



Re: AppName.wdaudit file grows rapidly in size (Solved)


Just found out. I had a second configuration of type .NET executable and WinDev started acting strange.
As soon as I deleted the .NET configuration everything was OK. :)

Just wanted to test a .NET config from a project and I can assure you it did not work at all, so I had no problems deleting it.

1. For some reason the .NET wants to be compiled using .NET framework v1 ?
2. Only In the advanced tab can I choose a different version .NET compiler.
3. When I get a sucsess on compile (in whatever version), the .NET executable gpf`s.

My testproject is not an advanced one, just some threads, 2 HF tables etc. so I`d think tvice before doing .NET executables in WD19.


von Tor-Bjarne - am 13.10.2014 11:39
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