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WXReplication 0.9.2 (BETA) is now available.

Startbeitrag von Fabrice Harari am 09.10.2014 11:49

Hello everybody

WXReplication 0.9.2 (BETA) is now available on my web site fabriceharari.com

This version results directly from my first integration of WXReplication into one of my existing project (with existing/installed database). As such it includes:

- The corrections of any blocking bugs found during that process
- A new w_WXRFillAutoFields window (in WXReplication), used for analysis checking and modification of your existing files during the implementation process (see details in howto...)
- A new DUMP mode allowing any existing data in your already installed Database(s) to be DUMPED into the replication process (see DUMP mode article for details)
- Quite a few renamed objects (classes, windows, etc) to facilitate integration in an existing project by reducing the chances of name conflict.

I will of course continue to test WXReplication and work on it, in part because I am using the newly replicating project (the first implementation) every day, in part because I am now working on the presentation I will do about it during WXDevCon 2014 (I think it's STILL not to late to enroll !!!), last week of October, in Atlanta, also because I need to use it in several other projects I have been working on personally, and finally because some of my customers are already working to integrate it in their project, and will probably need improvements.

Best regards


Thank you Fabrice


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 09.10.2014 12:55
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