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Hyperfile (HFSQL) access from PHP on a linux server

Startbeitrag von Alexander Predl am 10.10.2014 07:22


it's me again,

like the Topic said, I need a connection from PHP to HFSQL on a CentOS 6.4 server.... :(

I'm used to PHP and PDO...

If someone can help?

Alexander Predl


Hi Alexander,

That should keep you busy for a while ;)
If I had to do it I would probably go for for a Linux daemon created by Windev that does the file requests and interfaces with PHP.
Good luck!


von Piet van Zanten - am 10.10.2014 08:48
Thx piet,

yes this "could" be a way, but how do WebDev makes from PHP a connection to HFSQL?


von Alexander Predl - am 11.10.2014 17:08
Hi Alexander,

You misunderstood my intention, but now I realize my idea completely overlooked the possibility to create a PHP site using Webdev.
that should be easy.
Or am I missing the point of your question?
Could you elaborate some more?

Best Regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 11.10.2014 21:52
Hello Piet,

yes, I need a PHP PDO connection without WebDev... on Linux CentOS 6.4

your first intention was right... but WebDev get's a connection but how?


von Alexander Predl - am 12.10.2014 09:40
Hi Alexander,

I still don't get it.
So you have to use an existing PHP site without being able to edit it and you cannot use Webdev to create PHP pages?
I you have to use PDO, then there is a Linux ODBC driver for HFSQL.


von Piet van Zanten - am 12.10.2014 11:27
Hi Piet,

see I have a HFSQL server running on Linux CentOs 6.4.

On this server is no WebDev running! Only Apache + PHP...

So I created a license HFSQL application with WinDev, with a secure connection, and a lot of customer information like serial number aso.

So now I wanted to access the HFSQL server via PHP with a PDO connection to access this information (for activating the customer software, sending the serial number with HTTPRequest & HTTPGetResult).

I'll try with the ODBC driver. I'll report if it's working....


von Alexander Predl - am 12.10.2014 11:47
Hi Alexander,

In that case you can easily create a simple PHP site with Webdev, can't you?
In Webdev PHP you can have native acces to HFSQL. (no experience myself, but according to the Help)


von Piet van Zanten - am 12.10.2014 12:24

It is not possible to acces hyperfile cs with webdev php. A webdev site needs a mysql db.




von Allard - am 14.10.2014 08:03
Hi Allard,

I will have to disagree with you...

You cannot DIRECTLY access HF from a php webdev site, but you CAN access it using ODBC, as clearly stated here:


Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.10.2014 10:26

Hmm Ok it possible

von Allard - am 14.10.2014 13:45
I found it very hard to implement on Centos 6.4 as pcsoft supports ubuntu and debian.
I gave up the odbc installation in Centos 6.4/HFSQL.

Pls let us know if you made a success.



von Kingdr - am 14.10.2014 17:27
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