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WInDev Mobile 15 French and Android

Startbeitrag von Glenn Rathke am 16.01.2010 23:28

WIthout knowing a lick of French I decided to try mobile version 15 French because it supports Android development. I've installed the Android SDK as well as the java JDK as specified in the help. Running the Project wizard I select the Android platform but get the messafge that that feature is not available. My question is why? If you can select it, it should be available. Of course I'm more than willing to admit I'm doing something wrong, but what ?


Hi Glenn,

Android application development can be done in Windev and WebDev (not mobile).

I know ... odd. Try creating your app in one of those two.


von Georgio - am 17.01.2010 01:30
You may be right, but my reading of the brochure states:

Or 15 WinDev Mobile application in Android as well as the video at one of the conferences shows using Mobile.

Feature 315 references:
WinDev Mobile 15 allows create application
It works on the system Android operating

von Glenn Rathke - am 17.01.2010 02:44
Hi Glenn,

This is indeed a most wanted feature of WinDev Mobile 15, unfortunately it is not available at the moment. The current version, released in decembre 2009, does not include all the features. A new version will be available soon with more features and hopefully the support for Androïd.


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von pat.pcs.crosspost - am 17.01.2010 10:15
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