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Apache or IIS (on WinXP POS edition) ?

Startbeitrag von Marijan Tomasic am 13.10.2014 06:05

I need small multifunction Webdev & HFSQL server at local network.
It will be POSready 2009 OS (stripped Win xp).

What www server do you recomend: IIS 5.1 as part of OS, or Apache ?
Is there any disadvantges of using Apache on Win platform, regarding Webdev?


Two small differences that may help you decide if you site need one of them:
IIS in XP is limited to 10 simultaneous connection.
In APACHE you can't have windows authentication.

In our case we use IIS when possible because in most cases we use our client HW&SW and in several cases they have restrictions on what SW can be installed normally it's easy to bypass their limitiation using SW provided with the SO.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 13.10.2014 08:49
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