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Anyone use ZeroMQ

Startbeitrag von mark nelson am 15.10.2014 15:54

ZeroMQ. These project is badass. It includes several projects inside it. First of all, it includes ZeroMQ bindings for WinDev and utility classes. ZeroMQ is a library that allows you to make distributed systems very easily. This project also includes the XmlRenderer and JsonRenderer classes, that allows you to convert almost any data type of WinDev into an XML or JSON string. Very useful for Web Development. Also, in this project you will find the SimpleQuery utility class, that allows you to create SQL queries without using SQL (what???). It’s hard to explain SimpleQuery until you need it, but it’s the way i make queries now on WinDev. It currently supports PostgreSQL, SQL Server and HyperFile with more drivers to come. And lastly, this project contains the Syper Web Development Tools, which i’ll explain in the future in another post, because it’s a big project.


Well, actually in http://wolfbit.com/development/2014/05/29/wolfbit-open-source-software/
There are a set of windev projects shared for free that do impresive things.

Projects are shared through SCM, but his server is down. :-(

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 15.10.2014 22:20
Hi. I could access the server yesterday...


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 16.10.2014 10:00
Now I can connect.

But i did not use SCM before, and I have been trying to figure how to for 30 mins.

I managed to download to transfer the project, but only the .wdp file.
it contains this code:

APIParameter(apiFreeDLL, False)
APIParameter(apiLockThreads, False)
APIParameter(apiRestoreSystemSettings, False)

IF In64bitMode() THEN
zmq_dllinit(fExeDir() + [fSep] + "x64\libzmq.dll")
fcgi_dllinit(fExeDir() + [fSep] + "x64\libfcgi.dll")
syper_dllinit(fExeDir() + [fSep] + "x64\syper.dll")

And of course it will not run since all those dllinit() functinos are unknow or inaccesible.

I will try agen in a few days.


José Antonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 16.10.2014 13:06
Hi. This was my first time with SCM too. I could download all the files of project directory (i select all the files before ), but not the subfolders (EXE for example). Sure it's a easy process...


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 16.10.2014 14:27
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