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change colour on an image border

Startbeitrag von Mark Rabaiotti am 22.01.2010 09:35

This should be fairly simple (I hope)

I want to change the colour on the border of an image when it is clicked.

Reason : Four images displayed in a row which the user selects by clicking to select. I would like to reassure the user that they have selected the correct image by changing its border to green before they proceed to the next screen.

I can change the border colour in the IDE but I can not see how to cange it by WLanguage.

Any help greatly apprciated.



Hi, the 'cheapest' solution is to put the image over a static control and change the background color of that one. e.g. Static1..brushcolor = pastelred
Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 22.01.2010 12:22
Or a shape control
SHP_1..Visible = True/False

von Arie - am 22.01.2010 12:33
That works !



von Mark Rabaiotti - am 22.01.2010 20:24

Why not use an on/off button?

von Carlo Hermus - am 22.01.2010 22:31
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