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WXLive.US Webinar #129 - Peter Holemans

Startbeitrag von tfischbeck am 16.10.2014 21:58

Peter Holemans - Object Orientation Approach

:hot:Tomorrow, October 17, 5:30 AM Pacific Time:hot:

Have you been struggling getting your head around object orientation in WX and doubting on how to organize classes, methods and members to cover the different business and technical requirements ?

Peter will explain, show and share a generic OO framework to segregate the UI from the business logic and the database I/O logic that can serve as the starting point for any WX or hybrid (e.g. WD+WB) project.

It uses abstract database I/O classes from which the business classes derive and template windows and template pages that reuse this.
Aside Peter will show on how to use the integrated WL-code generators and singleton classes to manage application/platform specific data and functionality global to the application like settings management, db connectivity, emailing, etc...

These classes make part of the framework as well.

This framework is fully functional for WD and WB and is in the process of development for WM where many WD and WB features are not implemented yet for all offered target platforms by PCSoft causing many constraints to date for WM.

Last but not least Peter will call for a core team of volunteering WX fanatics (max. 9) to further develop this framework (document, more supported databases, expand to web services, completion of the WM implementation, …) and publish it as an open source resource to the community using a central SCM and CC database.

Multi-product (WD+WB+WM) front-end, business logic and data access segregation using an OO approach with the help of a custom built WL code generator

- Demonstration of the use of a single OO business logic and database access layer on a multi-product project: WD+WB+WM

- Demonstration of a custom built framework to generate the required WL code in order to RAD a solution to implement this

- Providing this framework to the community and moreover opening it up to a core team of experienced WX developers and volunteers via a central SCM to further co-develop this by and for the community

- Heavy usage of inheritance, abstract classes and virtual methods

WEBINAR LINK: http://nicetouch.adobeconnect.com/windevlive/
RECORDING LINK: http://wxlive.us


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