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Painfully slow HFCS Access

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 18.10.2014 07:59

We have 1 client where access to data is awfully slow. For example a lookup which takes 1.5 seconds on my machine takes 59 seconds on theirs. This is accessing a data table with just over 25,000 records and returning 119. We are using a query, joining 2 other tables. Data is on SSD in both cases. They are running Server 2008 whereas we are using Win 7. I ran the comparison when no-one else was logged in at all and there was nothing else running on either machine.

Looking at the HFCS activity log the main difference is number of access to the disk in read-only (20,965 on mine, 243,054 on theirs) and Bytes read from the disk (6.4m on mine, 59m on theirs). We've reindexed/optimized the indexes but no change.

Other apps run fine apparently (although ours is probably the only data intensive one they have so that probably doesn't mean a real lot).

Any ideas on where we should be looking would be much appreciated.




Hi David,

2 things:
1) What is the setting on the HFCS for caching the indexes?
See HF Control Center settings.
2) Is there an anti-virus on the server that scans every disk I/O on the folders of the HFCS db?
Excluding these folders may help.


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 18.10.2014 08:37
Thanks Peter
I should have mentioned that I had bumped up the cache size with no appreciable difference. Hadn't thought of anti-virus though so I'll look into that.



von David Egan - am 19.10.2014 18:39
Checked anti-virus but it's not that either unfortunately.

They have a spare server so we're looking at moving the database on to it. Is it simply a matter of copying the entire data directory structure to the new server and changing the configuration in HFCS control centre?

Looking at the statistics in my first post, from the difference in reads would it be reasonable/logical to suspect some sort of an indexing issue? If so, is it possible to regenerate the indexes from scratch (a previous db I used allowed you to delete the indexes & then a reindex would create new files).



von David Egan - am 21.10.2014 00:38
David, see if you have in the Windows Processes and Services some kind of Bank Security Application running in the background like Diebold/GasTecnologia 's Warsaw or Gbuster (Core.exe, Gbpsv.exe, etc.). If you use the computer for Bank Operations, the better is to do it from a Virtual Machine. If you have one of the above running please tell us and we will send a KillThem Utility.

von Luiz Menezes - am 25.10.2014 16:59
It looks like the firewall and network security config issue, you may just try using a simple win7 prof running on the same network to see if it is the same or not.



von kingdr - am 26.10.2014 21:48
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