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Schedulled processes in WB19

Startbeitrag von Jbistuer am 21.10.2014 15:26

Hi everybody,

I need to execute a scheduled process (batch process) every day at 6:00 but I've never done this type of process in WB.
Please can anybody help me how to do this?
I think that server need some configuration but I have no idea.

Thanks in advance.


As far as i know you can't do it in WB in a simple way.

Batch process and web are not the best friends.

If you have WD it's easy, just create one exe and run it using the OS schedule tasks.

For WB i never done it but the only way (and i'm not sure if it works) is calling your WB app using some external shedule (like the OS scheduled tasks) passing some parameter to bypass your pages and running only the batch code.

If you are going to try the WB way be carefull with the timeout definition.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 21.10.2014 16:39
If your web site is on Linux then use CRON Jobs to achieve this.

von Yogi Yang - am 22.10.2014 03:24
I got LST96 this week and there was an interesting tip which says the webdev server CAN run scheduled task all by itself.
It's even in the help http://doc.windev.com/en-US/?1000019455
Never too old to learn :D

von Arie - am 16.11.2014 15:25
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