WD 12 - can't get WDsurveillance to run

Startbeitrag von Joel am 03.02.2010 20:21

Hi all - -

I am trying to get the WDSurveillance service to run, but I can't get the service started. I went to the Windows task manager and see that the process WDsurveillance.exe is running, but on the services tab, it says that the WDSrvVeille120 service is stopped. When I try to run the service I get a "The operation could not be completed error" "The system cannot find the specified file".

Parameters I have: Server Address - http://www.MartialArtsForAmerica.net, Web server to monitor: Apache 2.x, Monitoring enabled.

Anyone work with this before or have any ideas? If there something else to use?


Hi Joel,

Have you tried killing the WDsurveillance.exe process and try to restart?
WebDev is definitely installed on this computer, right?


von Georgio - am 04.02.2010 21:35
Ah crud - I just realized - the Monitor has to be on the server. I thought I was supposed to to set it up as a remote monitoring server. Thanks for your help!

von Joel - am 05.02.2010 14:30
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