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software lock in possible wd19

Startbeitrag von Vijay Patel am 29.10.2014 04:46

how to lock software in wd19 ,but not use usb dongle


I made s license program, with a serial number...

Name and Options will be coded (sum of digits=checksum, then XOR with a fixed number) they are unique. Don't get the computer id, serial number of the hard drive, MAC address of the network card aso. to generate a serial number all didn't work for us, when the customer kills his software, he cannot work with the software on a new computer and will get angry. So keep it simple, but effective.

So there I get string with fixed length of 4 bytes (if the value is smaller, fill it up).

Each value 0-255 gets a unique string of a fixed previous generated array (lookup table), so later it can be decoded. Each string in the array is a 2 bye string, random generated, unique in the array!!

So my serial number looks like: A93N-RSAW... Check this number against the name, so it is valid. Reverse decode the string to a number, XOR again with the fixed number, and you have the checksum of the license name, options are also here...

This serial number and license name will be stored in a .ini file (or registry), next step is to access this number online and "activate" the application. Check the number of "activations", if he activated the software >5 or >10 times, you can email a new serial number (only to the registered user), then he can activate again. So the reason why we do this, is because of stolen serial numbers... You can protect this activation with a hardware GUID or MAC or something machine dependent!

We'r also use a dongle for our POS application. Since we sell POS hardware too, this is no real problem. But if you sell downloadable software, don't use a dongle,


von Alexander Predl - am 29.10.2014 06:50
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