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WebDev 14 - Import File Descriptions from MySQL

Startbeitrag von Rich am 14.02.2010 23:12

I have a database setup in MySQL and I am trying to import it into the analysis for my project.

I am using "Import the description of files/tables" from the "Structure of files" menu as stated in help.

Every time I try it I get the error message:
Unable to connect to C:\Program Files\MySQI Server 5.0
Unable to connect to 'C:\Program Files\MySQI Server 5.0' database
native MySQL access error.
Error Number = 22.

I can't find out what error number 22 is.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. :confused:


Hi Rich,

I just tested this with an Access database and it worked fine after I selected the appropriate database. Of course I had to select the connection method but I am guessing you got that far anyhow.


von Milton - am 15.02.2010 03:35

I guess I am having problems with the connection, here are the steps I followed:
Choose MySQL as the data source:
Choose "Access the data in its current format":
When I get to the "Selecting the source data" I am not able to enter anything unless I choose New Connection
For the Mode, I choose "Native MySQL Access for WebDev".
But, I am not sure what to enter for the Server.
Any help will be appreciated.

von Rich - am 15.02.2010 19:13

you also need to give access to your development pc's IP adress.
You need todo this by connecting to mysql with a mysql client and then using the "grant" mysql command.

Hope This helps

von Christo Klein - am 15.02.2010 20:36
Milton, Christo,

Thanks for your help, all is well now. :rp:


von Rich - am 15.02.2010 21:50
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