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Biometric Integration in WX Development

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 01.11.2014 10:15


For those of you who have kindly helped with many integration projects, I want to share the end result with you. I gave a presentation at WxDevCon 2014 on Friday, Oct 31 (I know, it was Halloween!) It is also on WX Live at http://wxlive.us/

Presentation slides:

Presentation demo project video:

clPvs class code:

Sample project code:

Again, thanks to all those who listened and helped!



Since this is a very new, we are offering special introductory pricing for a limited time. For this introductory period we will offer the following:

Biometric interface software (64-bit and 32-bit)
PalmSecure scanner with manufacturer warranty
Holder or hand guide included
Sample WinDev project
Unlimited support and updates for 1 year

This package will sell for a discounted price of US$ 575 plus shipping and any tax or VAT required. The license will be per palm scanner device based on the device serial number. If you have a need for a large number of users, we will be glad to discuss a centralized server based configuration and license.

Remember, it is easy to change the guidance messages to be in any language. If you have an interest in a specific language version, contact me.

Let me know if you have any questions.

von Jeff Graham - am 09.11.2014 17:15
I did a program using wd12 with biometric finger print . the manufacture didn't charge me a cents for the api .

sorry i can't show the code cause i must sign their NDA in order to get the api

von ccc2 - am 10.11.2014 08:33
Yes, there are API's for some devices that are free. But if you go through my presentation slides, you will see that palm scanners are more secure and can be "no touch". Also, the SDK cost me $5,000 and I had to purchase Visual Studio Professional as well. Then I spent over a year in my spare time to develop this. Selling my software for $200-300/device is cheap.

von Jeff Graham - am 10.11.2014 13:36
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