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[WD19] Using big data NoSQL

Startbeitrag von Jose Antonio Garrido am 02.11.2014 18:23

I have WD 19.
One of the new features is:

162.Using big data, NoSQL

Big Data data management can be done with WINDEV or
A use example for Big Data via the MongoDB Nosql database is

But I cannot find the provided example anywhere.

José Antonio Garrido.


Hi José,

Try looking in the; "Windev 19 > Training" folder I can see the "WD MongoDB" project.

von DarrenF - am 03.11.2014 08:51
It comes with an Internal Componenet and I tested it and works OK.

I Tested with two distinct system:

-Ubiquiti UNIFI Controller. Centralized management of Wifi infrastructure.
-Ubiquiti mFi Controller: Centralized management of domotic devices (sensors, power plugs, etc).

Both of them stores all the information in a MongoDB database.

José Antonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 03.11.2014 09:43
Hello Jose:

Can you explain how do you use this component with Ubiquiti mFi Controller?


von Gus - am 04.11.2014 15:08
Hi. Gus.

The mFi Controller database has about 30 tables and I don't know in which of them is stored the usefull information.
I only checked if I could access and read one of them.

So these are the changes I did to the sample project:

CtMongo = "CtMongo" //not changed
DatabaseName = "ace" //changed
CollectionName = "day" //changed

// Connection to the database
MongoDBConnect(CtMongo,"",*,30000) //changed

STConsuReview is Structure
//new elements
Time is 8-byte int
Type is string
Tag is string
Size is int
Ttltime is DateTime
Max is real
Min is real
Ave is real
Last_val is real
Last_val_time is real

//old elements. not deleted to avoid compilation errors since some controls are using them.
Mark is int // Mark given by the customer (out of 10)
Recommend is boolean // Would you recommend the product
ReviewDetails is string // Opinion details
ProductName is string // Name of the product
ProductMake is string // Brand of product
Characteristics is associative array of strings // Object characteristics
OpinionDate is DateTime // Date of review
UserName is string // Name of the user who posted the review
Price is numeric // Price of product


PROCEDURE DisplayLastReviews()



stOpinion is STConsuReview
WHILE MongoDBReadNext("Search",stOpinion)


José Antonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 04.11.2014 17:26
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