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WebDev - How to determine number of PageParameters?

Startbeitrag von Glenn Rathke am 25.02.2010 21:19

Using WebDev, is there a way to determine how manby pageparameters have been sent to the webdev app?

The reason I don't know is because this web page is being called by another web app that dynamically created the number of pageparameters and can easily change based on some condition.


In the help there's a topic about the "MyParameters" keyword. Available for WD, WM and Webdev-server code.
Maybe this will do?

von Arie - am 25.02.2010 21:40
Thanks, but I don't think that will do the job. What you've desicribed, I think is only for parameters being passed to a window or procedure. PageParameter is the webdev equivalent of CommandLine.

Thanks for responding!

von Glenn Rathke - am 25.02.2010 23:16
Hi Glenn

I'm not sure I'm clear on what's going on here, but you can try a loop on pageparameter(X) up till the result is empty... You'll get parametername=value for each parameter sent

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 26.02.2010 12:01
Thanks Fabrice.

Was hoping for a more elegant way such as PageParameter..Count

But your way will work.

von Glenn Rathke - am 26.02.2010 18:08
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