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API for image to text/barcode to text

Startbeitrag von King am 28.02.2010 06:09

Hi All

I couldn't find out any windev functions as captioned as images with 300dpi,
should be able to convert those into text.

Any help.

Thx in advance



Hi King,

what you want is named OCR (= optical character recognition) !?

There are free and not so free libraries (e.g. DLLs) available, which are doing exactly that.

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 28.02.2010 07:46
Hi Guenter

I have clients being asked if I could provide a database of storing
already scanned images. There's a need to call a function
like RecogniseThis(myImageFile, aStringToHoldRecognisedText | aFile).

Could you give me a clue?

Thanks & Cheers


von Guenter - am 28.02.2010 16:38
I find a free online ocr , it can convert image to text.

von tonytong - am 15.12.2015 13:42
if you looking to recognize barcode check this post


von CCC2 - am 16.12.2015 05:46
Thanks all and I'll give it a try then.



von kingdr - am 18.12.2015 04:31
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