WinDev Mobile14: TomTom Navigator integration

Startbeitrag von GWhiting am 01.03.2010 08:55

Hi, has anyone had any success with the TomTom example/source provided with WinDev Mobile? When I've tried using the source, I get an error that "To use this program, you must own TomTom Navigator as well as TomTom Navigator SDK" - this is generated when it tests for TTNCOM.DLL or WDTomTom.dll in the declaration of TomTomSDK and it can't find them.

I have TomTom Navigator 6 installed on the device and the WinDev code appears to imply that WDTomTom.dll refers to TomTom version 6, but I can't find where this file would come from (assume it's from TomTom's own SDK, but can't find any references to this anywhere online).

Any ideas gratefully received, Graeme.


Re: WinDev Mobile14: TomTom Navigator integration: UPDATE

I raised this query with PC SOFT and they've emailed me the WDTomTom.dll...!

So, if you intend to do anything with TomTom, suggest your first port of call is to email PC SOFT and ask them for a copy of WDTomTom.dll.


von GWhiting - am 02.03.2010 17:53
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