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Text Control

Startbeitrag von Carlo Hermus am 02.03.2010 19:37

Hi all,

Anyone know a text control (ActiveX or .NET) that will work with WinDev and doesn't cost more then 300 dollar?

I like it also to view and edit .doc and so on, but it is not a must.

And Please no text control that needs some kind of other office like software to be installed.



You can try TXtext control but it costs more than 400 euros, I tested it with windev it is Ok.


von Aelfassi - am 03.03.2010 07:45

I know, it costs more then I can spend. But it sure is one which I like to have in the near future, but not in my budget.

Anyone else have any ideas?

von Carlo Hermus - am 03.03.2010 16:46
Hello Carlo

What about a hybrid solution ? There is quite a useful rtf editor in the examples that you could use for text editing and for .doc files perhaps have a look at the OpenOffice example.


von Al - am 03.03.2010 23:12

Thank you, but I already have taken a look at this. The RTF Editor is what I am using for descriptions made my own toolbar on it, because the build in one is bud ugly. Although PC Soft uses the RichEdit 2.0. There are some functionalities in there like bullets and paragraphic styles, only they have not implemented it in de Wcodes. I tried with Sendmessage but didn't come far.

Open Office is ok, but I am trying to not depend on what the user has installed or install an office package with it. I need to view and perhaps edit multilple types of documents.

von Carlo Hermus - am 04.03.2010 19:43
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