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How to access external HSQL DB

Startbeitrag von Jack.pcs.crosspost am 05.03.2010 06:25

Hi All,

I saved a file with htofile().

How do I access this file?

I used Hdeclarexternal() but WD complains about the fact that this file doesn't exist in the analysis...

Can someone please give me a step by step on how to use/access this new file? (a mini how-to?)


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Possibly you can go to your analysis and right click and select "New File" then select "Use the files from an existing database" and then select "Hyperfile" and then it will ask for the path of the file. You use the browse elipsis and locate your file and import it into your analysis.


von Milton - am 05.03.2010 09:27
Thanx for the info Milton, but I figured it out (finally!)

Since I don't know what the user is going to call this file, it had to be done from programming, using the file name the user supplied.

The problem was that I needed to do a hchangedir() and I didn't, so it always wanted to get the file from the default analysis directory, where, of course, it didn't exist...

Slight logic error on my behalf, WinDev did what I told it to do, I just wasn't smart enough to say it right...

Thanx for replying and trying, really appreciate it...

von Jack - am 06.03.2010 03:25
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