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add css webdev 18

Startbeitrag von HypNo am 20.11.2014 14:25


I saw almost every examples but I can't find anything about adding external css for a button, or a menu.

I already imported the css into my project but when I go to the style of the button I have no idea how to define the css in the button.

Can anyone tell me how I do this?

Best regards



What I've done in versions prior to 19 is simply wrap the buttons with a

Then initialize the butt with the appropriate class. Also if memory serves me correctly in an older project I did something like:

And then in the global of the project I assigned the class name that I wanted to use and it would get replaced without any additional stringbuild() / replace() functions.


PS. Make sure and keep your buttons styles pretty blank so that your div will handle the presentation of how the button should look.

von KenKnight - am 24.11.2014 12:48
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