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Webdev 14: running a process and show something...

Startbeitrag von Victoria Caballero am 11.03.2010 13:00

Hi everybody,
I need to execute a process on my web application reading a database table with more than 8.300 records for products so what I actually want to do is to create a page where the user can see the process is running maybe showing some gif animated image if is possible and also show some text with the name of each product being processed. The process can take several minutes so it is important the user can see something is happening there.
I would like to do something like we can see in those pages where we look for flights, when we press OK then normally we can see a page whit a spinner or some image moving and some text.
So I've tried to do it using a gif animated but it doesn't look animated at all, it is just fixed, and I'm not able to show any text on my page with the name of the product while the process is running. I've tried the "Automatic AJAX indicator" feature with the image on the page but it didn't work.
So which is the best way to do this? Any help, trick or suggestion will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Victoria Caballero


Hi Victoria,

I believe you should be able to do this by using a .gif and possibly a browser Timer() to display your text on a defined interval.

Look into the Timer() function for more info.



von M. Beaven - am 11.03.2010 16:00
Hi Marc,
I will take a look to the Timer(), in theory could be possible to use it for this, I guess....
Thanks for your answer.

Victoria Caballero

von Victoria Caballero - am 11.03.2010 16:03
Hi Victoria

there are several distinct problems when you want to achieve that result on the web

1. Processing time/Time out... When you need this kind of process, it means it takes time, sometime a LOOOONG time and that may very easily exceed the webdev time out for a session or query, or even the web server time out

2. Displaying something (current record): While you are processing on the server, there is no communications with the client possible, only at the end of it

So to solve that, what I do is to create a windev exe doing the processing, called by my server code.

When the exe has been called, the server code is displaying the original page in WAIT mode (ie with a specific parameter)

The exe process the file, and regularly writes in an ini file what it is doing

During this time, on the browser, a timer is doing ajaxexecute every n seconds to read the ini file and display what is happening

And because the browser side is not waiting for an answer, you can easily have an animated gif running at the same time

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 11.03.2010 18:48
Hi Fabrice,
thanks for your answer. It was very clear and well explained :). I guess I can try to implement your suggestion.


Victoria Caballero

von Victoria Caballero - am 12.03.2010 12:57
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