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[WM19] Using Push notification from non Windev to Windev Android app ?

Startbeitrag von Danny Lauwers am 25.11.2014 16:37


We have an Android app and we can send Google Push notifications from a Windev program. This works very good.

But if we want to send those notifications via C# or any other non Windev client, the notification is not received.

Is it possible that Windev sends some extra data via the push notification that only Windev Mobile can decode ?.
If we send a push notification via C#, we get confirmation of Google that the messages are correctly received by Google. But they do not appear on the device ? It could be that they arrive in the back to a Windev Push notification Service, but the Windev App on the android device is not receiving them ?

Any idea on how to get this working to send a push notification from a non Windev platform to a Windev Android application that is using the build in WD19 Push Notification instructions.



Hi Danny

that is clearly a non direct way, but a sure way of doing this is to use a webdev site (awp page) as a relay... The C# app talks to the awp page via httprequest, and the awp page sends the notification.

Otherwise, I suspect a formatting problem...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.11.2014 19:28

Thanks for your awser. It seems that this is a proprietary format (Support) and in a future version this could be changed to an open format !

So I have to work arround this issue for the moment.

Is there another workarround than creating an awp page ? Something that can be hooked or called from .NET directly ?

I tried to create a .NET library in windev, but the Notification variable is not supported.


von Danny Lauwers - am 27.11.2014 08:12
if it works from WD you could call this WD-code form your C# program.
- by running it as an exe with some commandline parameters
- or create a wd-service which monitors a database or map for 'messages to send'
- or maybe even create a .NET library in WD. According to pcsoft this is possible, but I never tried.

von Arie - am 27.11.2014 09:07
Hi Arie,

I have written a EXE with commandline parameters as a workarround.

The .NET Library did not work because the parameter of type 'Notification' was not available in .NET ??

Currently the workarround works.

The only thing I was looking for was how to return a process result to the calling application. Normally you have a sort of return value of your EXE. I have used RESULT in the Init code of the project, but I have yet to test if this actually returns something to the calling C# application.


von Danny Lauwers - am 27.11.2014 13:11
Hello Danny,

Our development squad met this problem few days ago. We hacked the https connection between a WinDev application and Google's GCM server, and could capture the content of the json request.

So we managed to send a push notification from php (obviously this can be done from any other language).

Sorry, this post from our blog is in French :

Michel Fages

von Michel Fages - InfoGones - am 28.03.2015 07:34

I have seen your blog and when time permits we will test this in .net

Thanks for your eforts and sharing them with the community !


von Danny Lauwers - am 28.03.2015 07:37
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