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Startbeitrag von JP am 27.11.2014 12:37

Hi All,

I have a small problem. I have a file with some fields including a 20 length text field which is also an index field. I have some records in the file. One record has value "I-VT" and another has value "IVT" without the dash. When I search fo "I-VT" WinDev finds the "IVT" record even though I am using HReadSeekFirst() with exact match search. Is this because I must switch ON the "Space, punctuation and special char. sensitive" checkbox for this index?

[UPDATE] I have tested this and indeed this checkbox must be marked ON in order for WinDev to treat "I-VT" differently from "IVT". Thanks.


Yes JP
Space, punctuation and special chars sensitive , must be ON
If it is OFF then
1. " JP" = "JP" = True
2. "JP_" =" JP" = True
and so on.
When ON then 1 & 2 are False and only "JP"="JP" = True

von ICI - am 29.11.2014 08:36
Thanks ICI. I did indeed switch it on and got the results I wanted. Thanks.

von JP - am 29.11.2014 08:48
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