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Pdf to bmp

Startbeitrag von xingzhican.pcs.crosspost am 16.03.2010 08:09

As we all know, PDF means portable document format that can not be read directly and if you want to read the PDF files, you must use the special PDF reader, so most of people who has the lots of PDF files usually want to know how to read PDF files freely and whether I can read PDF documents without PDF reader? Next, the best answer is PDF to BMP.
( http://www.pdftobmp.com/ )PDF to BMP is the best PDF to BMP Converter which can convert PDF to BMP at super speed and lossless quality so that users can read their PDF files with BMP formats without the special PDF reader. What'more, Free PDF to BMP can convert PDF to JPG, PDF to GIF, PDF to TIFF, PNG, PCX, TGA and so on. With PDF to BMP Converter, you can customize your output settings such as choose output type, color, resolution and even you can select the converted page range freely.

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Thanks for your nice info. I wonder how did you convert PDF to BMP? Using some conversion tools? Or with the help of CODE?

von arronwall - am 05.11.2013 08:28
Hello Arronwall

Follow the link in the original post


von Al - am 05.11.2013 11:39
Thanks for your nice info. I wonder how did you convert PDF to BMP? Using some conversion tools? Or with the help of CODE?

HI there
For me ,i usually convert PDF to BMP using a pdf converter.But i also want to get a free pdf converter.Thanks for any suggestion.

von Abigail Klinton - am 26.11.2013 08:05
Hello Abigail

The "PDF Viewer" example in the training examples may give you some help in writing your own converter in Windev. It breaks a pdf file into pages and displays each page as a bitmap


von Al - am 26.11.2013 09:04
HI there
Thanks for your sharing.I'd like to have a try

von Abigail Klinton - am 27.11.2013 06:33
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