0054 Bad Context - Error

Startbeitrag von Mark Rabaiotti am 23.03.2010 11:14

"0054 Bad Context" Can anybody provide some information as to exactly what this error message means ?


Mark Rabaiotti


Tell us what are you doing before you get this error message.

von Larry - am 23.03.2010 19:20
It is when a page is completed and you are moving to the next page in the application.

I use PageDisplay to chain to the next page.

It does not appear to be tied to a particular page but does affect those pages that are doing a resonable amount of processing before moving on.

Any help gratefuly accepted

von Mark Rabaiotti - am 24.03.2010 19:32
What it sounds like is that you might have the table in the analysis and you have not created a window for that table and you are doing a relationship to that file.

von Larry - am 24.03.2010 23:50
If that was the case the error would be displayed consitantly each time you moved from PAGE_Win1 to PAGE_Win2

The problem we are experiencing is that the error is inconsistant and appears to vary with the overall load placed on the system rather than a logic problem.

The site is currently experiencing approx 60 simultaneous access at any one time.

von Mark Rabaiotti - am 25.03.2010 02:34
If it's awp check the help for "Context of AWP page, Lifespan of AWP contexts (WebDev administrator)"

von Paulo Oliveira - am 25.03.2010 09:37
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