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Sychronising vertical scroll position between Table and Schedule controls

Startbeitrag von Paul Turner am 09.12.2014 02:19

Using WD19

As per the title, I am trying to synchronise the vertical scroll position between a table control and a scheduler control

I've currently got this code in the WM_VSCROLL event


Unfortunately it doesn't work too well.

Anyone have any other suggestions?



Hi Paul,
I use the code below for that, because ScrollbarPosition wasn't there in WD17.
(If I remember correctly Stephan again, who answered your other post, put me on this track...)

// move the scroll bar, to show the requested day
nScroll is int = DateDifference(dStart,dShow)
FOR i=1 TO nScrollbarDayTicks

where nScrollbarDayTicks = 102
This fixed value is working in my situation and determined by some trial-and-error. It move the scrollbar just enough to scroll one day.

von Arie - am 09.12.2014 09:25
Thanks for you reply Arie. My problem was that you need the Table set to 'Move by Pixel' on scrolling in order for it to match the movement with the Schedule control.

von Paul Turner - am 10.12.2014 02:54
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