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multirow / column in table header

Startbeitrag von masjusufrh am 07.04.2010 05:19

Dear all,

how can i add multi header in my table. im using WD12.

thank you


Hello Masjusufrh

If you mean multiple lines in the column headers of a table, then you can do it in the table edit window. Click on the table name field to set the options to table rather than column and then in the details pane tick the box "Multiline column title"
You can put carriage returns in the column label text or just have it as a single line and let it wrap to fit the column width.


von Al - am 07.04.2010 06:25
Thank Al for quick response.

Yes, that what i need.

i have tried but i still dont understand about set the options to table rather than column. I clicked the table name field and i saw a n option button, but this button navigate me to a window of sorting header. Can you please give me more explanation?


von masjusufrh - am 07.04.2010 08:32
Hello Masjusufrh

When you double click on a table in the window editor it opens a table editor window called "Descibing a table control".
In that window it display the columns and the name of the table.
The editing options for General, Gui, Details etc are different depending on whether a column or the table has focus in the window
In the top left hand corner it displays "TableName" followed by the name of the table. Click in the table name control and then click in the Details option. This will display TABLE orientated options. If you were to click on a column name and then on Details, the options are different.


von Al - am 07.04.2010 10:06

Hi, Al

thank you for detail information. really usefull, it work.
i have another problem, how can i merge any header cells?

warm regards,

von masjusufrh - am 07.04.2010 12:08
Hi mj,

type F1 in windev and search for "Merge the table cells"

von Michael Drechsel - am 07.04.2010 12:44

Thanks Mike for your suggestions and keyword,

this solves my problems.


von masjusufrh - am 08.04.2010 05:56
Has the Multline Column Title been depreciated in WD 20? I'm not seeing it on the screen anymore

von steve erts - am 08.01.2016 20:05
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