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WM[17] Unable to detect android device

Startbeitrag von Nimesh am 18.12.2014 09:05

Hi All,

I am using Windev Mobile 17 IDE I are unable to detect my android mobile device for testing as the windev 17 mobile is not detecting the same under Project> Project Description>Describing the platform>Detect the characteristic automatically.

I had installed android sdk and path of environment variable is also properly set as well as adb is also running in proper manner in command prompt.

Need assistance



Have the same problem . Get the message no divice detected. When I connet a phone samsung s3 I have two options in connecting it one for photos and one for media. I can brows the data that is on the phone with the exporer but the android sdk cannot find the device ???

So I have the same problem, anyone know how to get a device detected?



von Allard - am 18.12.2014 13:17
I couldn't get WM19 to detect my device for setup so I just looked up the specs and entered them manually. The device was detected correctly, including dpi, when installing to test on.

Have you tried generating an app and installing it?

von Peter Muckle - am 18.12.2014 14:36
Hello Nimesh & Allard

I found this article that explains how to get the adb utility working. It may have some application to your problem.



von Al - am 26.12.2014 22:24
Hi Al,

Thanks for reply. Its detecting now.


von Nimesh - am 27.12.2014 09:59
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