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Startbeitrag von Joel am 24.12.2014 14:14

Hi everyone and Happy Holidays!

I'd like to avoid the work of creating a calendar, so was thinking about using the Google Calendar functionality built into WebDev - a couple of questions though if anyone has done this yet.

I assume each of my users (businesses) would need to get a Google Account to use a Google Calendar?

I don't want to send my clients out to a new browser to use the calendar - how would I embed the calendar in the app's look?


Hi Joel,

I tried getting a sychronisation in my windev app with the google agenda and no luck so far. It had todo with the date time. I stopped and for now only synchronize with outlook.

However I made a fully working Calendar in webdev. Depending On what you need this can be really easy or a bit of a challage.

1 If you need 1 simple calender I would say use the webdev calendar . For with easy databinding the control you get everything working out of the box in like half an hour.

2 If you have a saas website. A website where lots of users have to use the calendar then it takes more work. I made an application like this. It is all doable but in this case you have to forget about databinding and do everything by programming. Donot try to yse databinding at all for it doesnot work. The problem is the fact that there is no Orgernizerdispaly(orgname, tainit ) function.

If you know this, and I told you so you know. Then it saves a lot of time. and a lot of frustration.
If you do it by programming you keep everything in your own app no need for cusomers to sign up for google. Indeed it works great verry fast . I ran in on a 50 cent hosting account and it did just fine.

The programming
The programming is not that difficult. I created a popup screen that pops up after the user selects a time period ( time gets filledout in the pop up and I created a button as well ( then user has to fillout time then selfs.
You have to get famiiar with how it works. unfortiniatly there is no example for this. But the helf file is good. Remeber do it all by programming and not partially with databinding. If you want some coding examples on this sent me a personal message I am willing to sent you all my coding



von Allard - am 26.12.2014 12:29
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