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Windev Mobile Scanning QRCode with Arabic Value

Startbeitrag von ech madriaga am 25.12.2014 07:38

Hi to All,

Merry Christmas to All of us.

I have a problem regarding for scanning a QRCode with Arabic Value. When I used the android mobile to scan the QRCode its showing me the correct Arabic Value. But When I used the PDA Device, its showing me a dump value.
Can you give me some advice about this.
Maybe some unicode conversion. Or how to decode and encode a unicode value.

Thanks and more power,


Hi Ech

if you have a difference between test mode and hardware at that level, it is probably because of unicode/ansi and therefore because of the way you are declaring your strings and your fields.

If you just do a MyString is String, then the string will be ANSI (by default) in the test mode and unicode on android hardware... For the fields, you need to check the unicode string

So here, it looks like the qrcode contains an ansi value ? It's up to you to use the appropriate variable types and fields
Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.12.2014 12:40
Thanks Fabrice.

I just solved my problem. I used the crypt and uncrypt function.
What i did, I crypt the Arabic value and used it as a QRCode. And for scanning, I used the uncrypt function.

Thanks and Regards,

von ech madriaga - am 25.12.2014 12:59
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