WM 19 Android - gpsEnabled

Startbeitrag von Peter Muckle am 28.12.2014 18:10


I need to check if GPS is working on a device, and ask the user to turn it on if it isn't.

I have tried methods using example code from PC Soft, as below. I have turned off GPS and Location Services on my device, but I don't get the messages. At present the only way I can check if a position has been located is to see if longitude 0.

Any solutions please? I have installed the GPS example, turned off the location and that doesn't recognise the GPS is not enabled either.



// check 1
// Checks the status of the GPS provider
IF GPSStatus() = gpsDisabled THEN
Info("The geo-localization is not enabled.")

// Check 2
// Is the GPS enabled?
IF GPSStatus() gpsEnabled THEN
Error(“The GPS will not operate.”,“Enable it to access this application.”)

//Check 3
IF GPSStatus() = gpsUnavailable THEN
Info(" The geo-localization is not available.")


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