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whan i have create the looper

Startbeitrag von rahul vijay am 01.01.2015 07:35

sir i have we create the looper then when i create a button Btn_vallidate then create a window win_MainDetails and button create in win_customerDetails and run the win_customerDetails window
Technical Information -----

WL call:
Process of 'Click BTN_Validate' (WIN_CustomerDetails.BTN_Validate), line 5, thread 0

What happened?
WIN_MainDetails.Looper_Product control unknown.

Error code: 1017
Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL)

Dump of the error of 'wd170vm.dll' module (
Identifier of detailed information (.err): 1017
Additional Information:
Click BTN_Validate (WIN_CustomerDetails.BTN_Validate), line 5
EIT_DATEHEURE : 01/01/2015 13:00:06



Please be more specific:

1 What is the product you are working on? windev / webdev or windev mobile

2 You talk about a looper that is all what I get form your mail. Please discribe what you want to achief Then what you have done so far and then the errors you get

If english isnot your native language , maybe try translating with google translate.



von Allard - am 02.01.2015 09:19
i have used windev mobile 17 and the problem in that looper

von shubham vijay_123 - am 06.01.2015 05:25
Hi Vijay,

It looks like you are trying to assign values directly to controls...
With loopers that doesn't work. You have to pass via attributes.
I recommend to read the help more closely or have a look at some of the samples included with WM17.

Best regards,

Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 06.01.2015 08:29
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