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Need some SQL help in WB19

Startbeitrag von Joel am 02.01.2015 22:59

Hi -

I'm trying to build an SQL query similar to this:

SELECT * FROM HFContact Where bActiveMembershipFlag = 1 AND {the month as a string taken from dDOB} = grpar_Month

The grpar_Month ('January' or whatever) is fed in as a variable in the Global Declarations of the report (in this case it's a report)

dDOB is just a field in the database. I've tried many things and have used the WDSQL tool but to no avail.



Found it! Boy that was simple! Which I usually find that it is,, once I can track down the right function and the right syntax...

SELECT * FROM hfcontact WHERE bActiveMembershipFlag = 1 AND WL.DateToString(dDOB,'MMMM') = 'January'

von Joel - am 03.01.2015 15:27
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