composite report WD 18

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Iam trying to make a composite report. I have created half of what the end product has to be and now I get odd errors.

It looks for some kind of device, a disk , that is not in my system configuration?

Has anyone had this kind of errors before? If I click on one of the buttons then after a while a fault exception appears Witch tells me no real info . I dispays that I need to contact pc soft ?





Well I solved the problem partialy. Composite reports are defenitely not the way to go if you want to produce big reports that run several queries with lots of parameters.

However you can add empty report-pages and add internal reports to that. For now this works fine since it fires no errors. However passing parameters to the internal reports is triggy if you want your user to be able to modify this big report .

I have created an annual report so it has lots of financial stuf but tekst stuf as well , often mixed.
I was able to create this with internal reports surpricingly easy. Yeh windev rocks.

However I have to do quite some coding to make it possible for the user to edit the report with reports and queries. Why. well if a client edits the report a copy is made in the reports and queries folder. Internal reports are not taken into account in this copyproces. So this has to be done by programming.
Then there is an issue with the parameters passing, I have to figger out why that is the subreports somehow donnot regognize the main report

So if you are planning making big reports and you want your user be able to modify the report as well go for internal reports. I will post how I fixed the copy and parameter passing if I have done so.



von Allard - am 07.01.2015 22:41
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