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SSL and document upload

Startbeitrag von stefan kern am 06.01.2015 18:34

Hi Forum,

I have a page running, where the user can select wheather he will use a SSL secured connection or not.
It is a non-AWP dynamic site, developped with WB18, running on a Win2008R2 server using IIS as webserver.
The site application uses HTML5.

I use the upload control, for storing documents in a database.
Browser Code:

Server Code:

scan_documents.ref_persAkte = pers_akte.pers_akteID
scan_documents.sDocName = UploadFileName(MySelf,False)

nFilter is int = pers_akte.pers_akteID

If I use Internet Explorer it works fine with SSL enabled and disabled.
If I use FireFox it works fine with SSL disabled, but nothing happens (also no error with errorinfo(errFullDetails). Just nothing happens.

Does someone have an idea, what to do?

Thank you all.

Best Regards



Hi Stefan,

the upload control needs Adobe Flash. Perhaps there is a problem with it in FF.
BTW, if you planning to upload large files forget the upload control. It has no error correction.

I hope PCS provide a better solution in WX2?.

von Michael Drechsel - am 07.01.2015 19:17
Hi Michael,

That woul be possible. I have the same behavior by using chrome. Puh .... that is not really good, so I will tell my customers "this application is designed for IE ...." I am not happy about that .... may be someone has a tip.

My site is a tool for farmers to manage their sesional workers, so they can upload working contracts and such documents. I think most of them are PDF files wirh 1 up to 10 pages.

Is there an alternative to the upload control?

BTW: You are comming from germany?

Best Regards


von stefan kern - am 07.01.2015 20:03
Hi Stefan,

yes, from Berlin.

I use a java applet with a very good error correction and many other features. See here. We uploaded files with more then 4 GB.

But it is java, with all disadvantages ... It would be better if we can have a really html5 control.

von Michael Drechsel - am 07.01.2015 21:37
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