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Corrupted index files HF/CS

Startbeitrag von _Geert Debruyne am 07.01.2015 08:31

We have a huge problem with a customer using HF/CS, version 19
There is only one file in it, to keep documents on line (blob), file is about 650Gb
There are several processes putting information into the file at the same time

Since 2 days about every 2 hours the index gets corrupt, sometime we need to try for 5 times to get the index rebuild correctly.
We even get strange messages "Default values of itmes foun din differ from those defined in the analysis. While there was no update.
After re-indexing, the error disappers (for 2 hours only....)

Anyone has an idea how to solve this problem?


Hi Geert

The strange message you get indicates that the description of your file has been altered... And this description is stored in the file itslef and in some system files of HFCS...

In my experience, this kind of problem is hardware/system related... It can come (in no particular order) from data corruption occurring because of:
- a windows (automatic) update or other software update (anti-virus by example)...
- a hard drive problem
- a memory problem
- a network problem (netword card, switch, cable)
- a power supply problem
- ...

So the first thing I would do would be to replace the server by a fresh one, see if that solves the problem... If yes, you know where to look, if no, then the problem may be in the network switch or cable (I have seen this kind of problem occurring because an electrician did some work and MOVED a network cable too close from a fluorescent light, in one case...)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.01.2015 08:49
Hi Fabrice,
thanks for the suggestions; we will have a look with the customer...and try to put everything on another server first...


von _Geert Debruyne - am 07.01.2015 09:55
Hi Geert,
Seems more likely like a hardware problem ON the SERVER.
That would be the HardDisk or the Memory (RAM).

If you are using HF/CS (Client Server NOT Classic), I don't see how a network card (even on the Server) or switch or cable, could produce this kind of problem.
Client Server can deal with this kind of problems ....

The power supply could also be a cause, but the client probably would know if the server is shutting down (because of power problems.)

If it is a Hard Disk problem, don't forget to check the actual data (not only the indexes).
They could have garbage also ...

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 07.01.2015 13:03
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