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Use arrow keys/mouse wheel to scroll through displayed records in a table?

Startbeitrag von Carsten Kroon am 09.01.2015 00:37

Hi all.. WB19 newbie here.. I am doing the tutorial and have noticed that you cant scroll through the items that are displayed in the table.
The turotial I am referring to is: WW_Site_with_data, PAGE_Table_Book.

The mouse wheel doesn't scroll up or down in the records nor do the arrow keys.
This really limits functionality for the user.

Is there a way to set that up using WB19?

I see nothing in the docs regarding this.


Hi Carsten,

I learned to accept that there are some limitations in what you can achieve in Webdev.
However, in my experience the scroll wheel does browse through the table.
As compensation for the lack of arrow keys, I usually place 4 buttons aside the table to move the selectionbar to top, previous, next and last row.
I tried to use a shortcut key on these buttons, but could not get it to work. (Somebody did?)
In some browsers however, if you clicked a browsing button and as a result it has focus, you can repeat it using the Enter key.


von Piet van Zanten - am 09.01.2015 08:29
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