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[WM 19] Refreshing the table

Startbeitrag von Nimesh am 09.01.2015 07:11

Hi All,

In Windev Mobile 19 for android application is there any function to refresh the table.

Thanks and Regards,


Hello Nimesh

Tables are not supported in Android so whenever you want to use a "table" type function think Looper instead and so you will find the LooperDisplay function .

The WinMobile help has a section for Tables because they are supported in Windows Mobile but when you are looking into the help screens you have to keep an eye on the icons at the top to see which operating systems are supported and which are grayed out.


von Al - am 09.01.2015 07:43
Hi Al,

Thanks for the prompt reply. It means that instead of tables i need to use looper.


von Nimesh - am 09.01.2015 07:53
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